Thursday, 28 November 2013

Anaesthesia machine

Ace 7030 Anaesthesia Machine:
  • The ACE Series Anaesthesia Machine is a continuous flow system capable of delivering multiple gases and anaesthetic agents. 
  • The flowmeter on/off switch is conveniently mounted below the flowmeter bank and includes a shroud to prevent inadvertent turning off.  
  • Auxiliary High pressure Oxygen Outlet for Ventilator. 
  • Both sides of the machine incorporate 3 dovetail grooves for mounting ventilators, monitors and other ancillary equipment. T
  • A Mechanical Anti Hypoxic Device allows a minimum of 25% Oxygen at all times and it cutoff the Nitrous oxide Supply if Oxygen Fails.
  • The flowmeter tubes are mounted close to the front of the flowmeter bank for a greater viewing angle and a bright back ground provides improved vision of the flow tubes in low light conditions.
  • Two Flow Tubes : 0.1-10 LPM for O2 & 0.2 - 12 LPM for N2O available in ACE 7000.
    Three Flow Tubes: 0.1- 10 LPM for O2, 0.2 -12 LPM for N2O & 0.2 – 15 LPM for Air available in ACE 7020.
    Five Flow Tubes: 0.1 - 1 LPM & 1 - 10 LPM for O2, 0.1 - 1 LPM & 1- 10 LPM for N2O (Low flow & HighFlow), 0.2-15 LPM for Air available in ACE 7030. 
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