Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Neonatal care equipment

For neonatal intensive care, specialized hospitals have some important equipment that are needed to sustain the newborn’s life or treat any disorders that threaten to cause lifetime deformity. The ill or premature infants can do with the facilities of such equipments.

Some of the neonatal care equipments are:

    Premature baby incubator – It is a device that helps to control the environmental conditions that is necessary for the neonate (newborn baby). It is needed in most preterm births and for some full term babies. It can provide oxygen supplementation, stabilise the levels of blood sugar, salts and blood pressure, treat respiratory distress, protection from infection and noise, administering medications, and maintaining fluid balance.

    Transport incubator – It is a self-contained device and can be said to be a mobile intensive care unit. Its importance can be understood in the context of the importance of consistent air temperature environment for the newborns. It becomes critical when the baby needs to be transported between departments in a hospital and more so when between hospitals. It brings down the radiant heat loss during such a period. Since it runs on both AC and DC power, you can be rest assured of continuous performance.

    Radiant heat baby warmer – It is used for keeping the baby warm when it is seen that the temperature is likely to drop to a dangerously low level.

    Radiant heat warmer – It is the better version of a baby warmer with microchip controlled use. It can give you the highest precision and accuracy when used on babies.

    Resuscitation system in radiant heat warmers – It is an even more advanced version of baby warmer with precision perfect microprocessors. It is a mobile unit that incorporates a baby bassinet with oxygen and suction facility. Lot of features in such equipment makes the task of neonatal care much easier.

    Phototherapy unit – It is a device used for treatment of hyperbillirubinaemia, also known as breast milk jaundice. It is very effective in reducing neonatal hyperbillirubinaemia. These devices perform best when they are compact and sleek, have adjustable height, the light unit being tiltable, noiseless operation, digital hour meter and CFL tubes.

    LED based Phototherapy – The distinct advantage of this neonatal care equipment is that there is no heat build up and of course, it is 10 times more efficient than the usual unit.